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when considering the question of how we "should" move forward as a species or global society.. we're faced with a host of dilemmas, maybe more difficult than ever.. given the current population, ongoing ecological damage including climate change,…

what democracy looks like?

  hey IOPS! some random ass content for ya... this is a clip of some video i took in June 2017 at an anti-Sharia rally out front Seattle City Hall. counter protests were also planned and executed in much greater numbers, waving signs and…

Han Shot First

a rather simple blog. just a question. if you were to describe IOPS casually to someone not familiar, how would you put it? mostly thinking of that as a face-to-face encounter, but that may not be how everyone exists, and since this is textual…

Activism and Community

i brainstormed this project a bit with local group member Syd Fredrickson, who suggested photographer Alex Garland.   my idea was to create a wall calendar to show a mix of what many of us are fighting against, with various local solutions…

Participatory: questioning & reciprocity

“See, I believe in elementary moral principles, namely, if we apply some standard to someone else, we apply it to ourselves.” Noam Chomsky, 2002 Inspired by the word “Participatory” and a few dialogs that seemed promising,…


  If we see ourselves as the savages we are, some improvement is possible, or at least thinkable. -George Orwell   Dear All, Inspired by the possibility of a participatory society, I've been deeply drawn to IOPS, but unfortunately…

Would like to build the Olympia chapter up.

IOPS has a problem with it's core mantra of participation. I think that in Olympia this organization would need to be part of doing some event or action. However maybe we just need to call a meeting and see who shows up.

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Venezuela: Defending their elections!

With elections in Venezuela less than three weeks away, the Alliance for Global Justice is deeply concerned about the possibilities for US interference in the country’s electoral affairs. Our biggest…

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