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How to Reconcile Reformers and Radicals

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Over at the EARTH project, we’ve been hotly debating Robin Hahnel’s ideas about how ecological reformers and revolutionaries can support each other’s efforts. Below I summarize the specific techniques we’ve hit on so…

Modes of Resistance

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Of the two dominant modes of resistance to the current power structure, one is acceptable to the power elite and the other is not. The first presents demands to the corporate state - “Please give us more jobs, more growth, more social…

Solar power via the moon. Clean up the Enviroment, stop energy wars, bring our level of energy to 10 billion people within 30 years.

  Visit the link below for a short description of Dr. David Criswell's plan developed over 35 years as Director of the Institute for Space System Operations - University of Houston:

The Way Forward

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The following post proposes a revolutionary strategy in the context of climate change and peak oil. It is not intended to be a dogmatic statement, but an opening for discussion on the best strategy for our movement. It is a brief attempt to…

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Buyers' Club

Save money by buying in bulk together! We are starting with produce (e.g., frutis and vegetables) every first friday of the month at the UU Dinner & Movie Nights.  email…

Mutual-Aid Network, Tool-Share, Skill-Share (MANTSSS)

see the resources tab at the top-right of our chapter page for details

Magnifying Glass

Voluntary Magnifying Glass Rotation Proposal     - Randomly assign one slot to every individual (one slot per month in this case)     - When it's your turn, you select the event/task…

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