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magnifying glass proposal

Voluntary Magnifying Glass Rotation Proposal



- Randomly assign one slot to every individual (one slot per month in this case)



- When it's your turn, you select the event/task the other members of the initiative will attend/work on for one day in the month. The event/task must not be in conflict with our founding documents. You must also attend the event/task yourself.



- You are pushed back a slot (month) for each event that you miss. This consequence does not apply to civil disobedience events/tasks or campaigning for candidates. This pushing back will be capped at 12 months. You will be pushed back 12 slots if you miss your own event/task.



- new members can immediately leap to a position where they only have to attend two slots until their turn. All the other rules still apply to them.



- If it becomes unfeasible due to size, we can split up or, preferably, use a nested structure.