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"R.O.S.E" - at least 4 committees in each quadrant


R : Resources

O: Outreach

S: Strategy

E: Education



Each committee can be divided into spheres (e.g., polity, economic, cultural, kinship, international, ecological) or alternatively, each sphere can be divided into these four ROSE subcommittees




Resources examples:




Mutual aid network


Swap meets




Magnifying glass rotation


Transportation subsidy


Childcare subsidy


Civil disobedience training; knowing your rights; dealing with police


Legal-defense fund


Prisoner-support and ex-prisoner support


Consensus training


Health and well-being




Practice conversations; roleplay









Outreach examples:












Listening Projects






Fellow Travelers Directory


Community networking


Social events


Radical relief (e.g., food and clothing events with street theater, etc)


Neighborhood patrols


Joint campaigns; requests for help; exchanging speakers; shared presentations and panels (e.g., Interstellar Coalition)


Media production


Updating website; newsletter


Tabling, flyers, pamphlets, business cards, t-shirts




Strategy examples:





Solidarity economics: networking producer and consumer co-ops, intentional communities, activist organizations, unions, local businesses, progressive faith institutions. Divestment and re-investment and procurement in "anchoring institutions": schools, hospitals, local foundations, municipal and county governments.


Community organizing (door-to-door, etc)


Infiltration, Trojan horse (e.g., split votes)


Anarcho-Syndicalism (e.g., promoting and supporting sit-down strikes, worker takeovers, and general strikes, worker’s assemblies)


Electoral (e.g., helping to form a united left front)


Participatory budgeting





Boycotts, buycotts, educating consumers and employees




Blockades; derailment; deluging; strike and demonstration support (e.g., Food Not Bombs)


Zoning boards


Local demonstrations





Education examples:




Presentations, debates, discussions, reading circle, film screening, anti-discrimination forums


Classes, camps, retreats, and schools ("Communiversities")


Military & Police Counter-recruitment