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The People's Values and Allocations

Project Information
Created on: 3rd January 2016

The People's Values/Allocations is a global, open communication/information system where the people place values on materials and products to properly allocate resources locally. This system provides information by/for the people to maintain responsible production/consumption, to know how much is too much, to know which allocations make sense.  It is intended to be the primary participatory planning tool in a global implementation of Parecon to replace market competition.

Explicit declaration of the people's values promotes cross-cultural understanding and inhibits propaganda systems, providing a clear, stable foundation for the people's allocations.  Explicit declaration of the people's allocations similarly promotes public awareness and understanding, truth, facts, and reason, and inhibits market competition's culture of corruption and "trade secrets" that plagues the planet today.  Universal participation is essential.


It is most essential for the people to build our production system along with our entire societal system upon a strong philosophical foundation.  The foundation and the structure become monolithic, and solid.  Neither can drift apart or into pieces, but rather solidify over time along with universal recognition of our common nature and needs.  This recognition is by the human heart, not by the human ego.  Recognizing the right of the heart to prevail over the ego enables universal consensus on best serving the vital needs of humanity and the biosphere.  A universal consensus of hearts.  This philosophy/practice form the necessary foundation of a non-hierarchical society/economy.


The people place values on materials/products according to their TOTAL costs.  This is unlike market competition where producers hide/shift costs to compete for market share with state support designed to "grow the economy" in a global game of dominance/submission. The people reject such competition in favor of cooperation, and consciously/publicly account for the total costs of production/consumption, because we recognize that exercising our reason and ethics, in all activities, is necessary to maximize our health/wellbeing.

Producer-created catalogs of materials/products link into consumer-created catalogs of demands/uses, conveying design intents.  In producer catalogs, TOTAL costs of products are presented.  Variations of products for various applications are presented.  Related products from different producers are presented, and production locations are provided.  Full production details are linked, eliminating market capitalism's "trade secrets".  Standardization is systematic.  Producers recycle their own products. In consumers' catalogs, demands describe what type of product is thought to achieve an end, and link to relevant items, ranked by value, in producers' catalogs.  Costs are presented for demands being left unmet.

For a given amount of our effort, we achieve using the people's values/allocations a far greater understanding/awareness of the "best tool for the job", and "maximum achievable value" as compared to reliance on the chronically confusing, chaotic, corrupt, inefficient, and largely counter-productive system of market competition.  A virtuous cycle ensues when we use the people's values/allocations, as greater understanding/insight, order/rationality, and common sense become habituated by the individual, and by all the people, becoming a practical component of global culture/tradition.  The people consider this a long-overdue advancement of civilization enabled by the potential of efficient communication/information systems.

Example Usage

Query: What can I use to (and why should I) clean the dust/debris off my floor?

Response (via the system): A straw broom is low-cost, versatile, and commonly used to clean dust/debris off hard floors in homes and shops, to remove resources for the growth of unsanitary organisms such as bacteria, molds, insects and rodents. Please select from straw broom options or further detail your need to clean dust/debris off your floor. (When hovering pointer over "floors" a tooltip provides links for cleaning other surfaces.)

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