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Project Information
Created on: 20th December 2018

world bloc party •

the purpose of this project is to explore and pursue actions that can help bring existing organizations and movements together toward more concerted, coordinated, coherent aims and actions.

working toward small goals is highly suggested. larger goals can be identified, but likely require steps. find achievable goals. this project is about what YOU can do and what WE can do together to foster those developments.


what is the criteria for organizations and movements we aim to see better connected?

let's say: we are aiming for a global society that functions without human exploitation or systematic destruction of the biosphere. that is, we aim for fairness and sustainability, which almost surely implies more social planning than what currently exists. for project purposes, that potential world is referred to as PLANSOC (see project - coming soon).

while that definition is applicable to many organizations or movements generally considered "left", there are no doubt many ideological and tactical differences within that spectrum as well. this can be explored on more specific levels. start with topic HEY YOU for initial considerations.

for this website/collective to be more useful toward these purposes, we may also want to consider prioritizing some structural changes. see project BANANASOC 


topic guide:

HOUSE RULES - as needed for useful facilitation

STARTER KIT - connected goals and strategy is the new norm

HEY YOU - prioritizing outreach to organizations and individuals

JACK SHACK - what's in the box??

IDLE HANDS - endless bicker n banter

Project Forum