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Financial Administrator Tasks

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Created on: 11th December 2016

This project has been created to discuss the the implentation and processes of the initial IOPS Financial Administrator role. Many ideas have been posted already, but we also have a looming March/April financial issue on the horizon so timliness is quite important.

With this in mind:

1. I will create a public spreadsheet which keeps a record of all dues and donations with name, country, date, and amount. Is a Google spreadsheet with a shared link alright with everyone?

2. It is obvious that anonymity is more important to some and less important to others. If an individual requests their name NOT be on the public spreadsheet then we should assign a number to that individual. A key of those name and number coorelations will be kept confidential by the Financial Administrator and the Financial Team. This is a matter of privacy and respect for each other, in my opinion. There is a reasonable limit to transparency, for instance, when it allows others to learn private information such as how much money one makes. However, I will keep the records however we collectively choose. Please advise.

3. It makes sense to have the main financial hub in the same location as the main sustaining members. If PayPal will be used then these sustaining members will need to set this up (because the main trust/account will be in the main members country) and share the login information with the Financial Administrator so the records can be shared with the members.

4. Someone has to officially make this a legal entitiy and these sustaining members are it in my opinion, even if they must get reimbursed for their expenses later. 

5. If PayPal will not be used, we may need a financial admin assistant in each country (or region) sending the funds to the main account and providing the donation/dues information to the Financial Administrator accordingly for the main records. 

Please share your ideas. 

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