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Essential Radical Readings Reading Group

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Created on: 20th February 2015

I am interested in getting a group of us together online to discuss and debate essential radical readings, in the hopes that we can then begin to formualte new ideas and strategies for the IOPS. The first step would be be getting people together. Next we wuld each propose a list of maybe ten books that we each consider essential radical reads. Then we would post the lists and all vote on which books/articles/pamphlets to put on our reading list and in which order. Finally, we would schedule meeting times that would allow all members plenty of time to have read what will be discussed. Another project which never took off proposed doing something similar using skype. We could do that or perhaps use some other paltform where we can actually interact, ideally in "real time". Failing that, perhaps the IOPS site has a place where we can blog our discussions. For an example of what readings I might propose see: http://www.radicalresponse.org/radical-readings/bibliography-of-essential-radical-readings/

Thanks for the interest people! I'm hoping to get at least a few more members before we go ahead wih this project, but if anyone has some readings that they're really serious/excited about, feel free to start discussing them here... Thanks!

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