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Montana Antifa Whitefish Action

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As incoming neo-Nazis organized by Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer promise to descend on Whitefish, Montana, Montana Antifa is one of the organizations creating the counter-demonstration.  While Love Lives Here has been doing the base-building work of organizing the community against the anti-Semitic and racist harassment they have endured for weeks, they are not going to engage with the skinheads and Alt Righters who are promising to march through the streets with automatic weapons.  Montana Antifa, among others, is taking up that role, and right now they are doing a blitz on regional Whitefish and Flathead Valley hotels to let them know that Nazis may be trying to book stays with them and that they should prohibit those groups from taking refuge in their facility.

In a recent statement from Montana Antifa:

IMMEDIATE ACTION. Read this carefully and closely: NO THREATS, NO HOSTILITY, AS OF RIGHT NOW NONE OF THESE HOTELS HAVE DONE ANY WRONG. We’re asking that you call into the hotels on this list and express these two concerns:

1.) Concern that the hotels would assist Nazi insurgents by sheltering them and allowing them a base from which to commit their evil acts.

2.) Concern for the safety of the hotel, hotel staff, and guests in light of armed thugs setting up a base of operations in the hotel intending to do harm to the community.

-There is a planned armed March by Neo-Nazis in Whitefish
-They are planning on bringing in a force of Neo-Nazi skinheads from California who are likely to be armed
-These are dangerous people intending to harm the neighboring communities in a public action with heavy media coverage.

-Threaten the hotel
-Insult the person answering the phone or the hotel
-Make ANY “or else” statements
-Harass the hotels
-Go off on a tirade
-Ask if they have Battletoads 2

Be respectful, respectable, and conduct yourselves smartly.



Super 8 Kalispell Glacier National Park
:(406) 755-1888

Econo Lodge Inn & Suites
:(406) 752-3467

Motel 6
:(406) 952-3206

The FairBridge Inn & Suites – Outlaw Convention Center
:(406) 755-6100

Travelodge Kalispell
(406) 755-6123

Kalispell Hilltop Inn
:(406) 755-4455

Americas Best Value Inn
:(406) 756-3222

Greenwood Village Inn and Suites
(406) 257-7719

Red Lion Hotel Kalispell
(406) 751-5050

Quality Inn
(406) 755-6700

La Quinta Inn & Suites Kalispell
(406) 257-5255

Kalispell Grand Hotel
:(406) 755-8100

Hampton Inn Kalispell
:(406) 755-7900

SpringHill Suites Kalispell
:(406) 314-6600

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Kalispell
:(406) 755-7405

Best Western Plus Flathead Lake Inn And Suites
:(406) 857-2400

Homewood Suites by Hilton Kalispell, MT
:(406) 755-8080

Hilton Garden Inn Kalispell
:(406) 756-4500

Glacier Ridge Suites
:(406) 752-4333

Colombia Falls: Meadow Lake Resort
Phone:(406) 892-8700

North Forty Resort
Phone:(406) 862-7740

Cedar Creek Lodge
(406) 897-7070

Glacier Inn Motel
:(406) 892-4341

The River Rock Hostel
:(406) 871-2161

Meadow Lake View
:(406) 892-0900

Western Inn and Campground
(406) 892-7686

Bad Rock Bed and Breakfast
(406) 892-2829

Glacier Mountain Lodge
:(406) 892-2661


Discussion 11 Comments

  • Dave Jones 10th Jan 2017

    Fred, I don't get how a hotel worker is supposed to know it is a nazi booking a room? Seems like a counter-productive way to try to apply pressure, IMO.

    I don't know if you have contacts with Montana Human Rights Alliance but they have lots of experience and history with these groups.

  • fred curran 10th Jan 2017

    I see your point. I suppose a multitude of tactics would probably be best to smash the fash.

    I do not have any contacts with MHRA, I will look into them and see what they have planned.

    This is one of the approaches being requested from Montana Antifa. In my opinion the value is less in them being able to identify nazis or even being able to act on the information provided, but an overwhelming show of opposition to the nazis and their plans.

  • Peter Lach-Newinsky 12th Jan 2017

    Maybe the question re fascism/antifa I'd like to raise goes something like this: is there this difference between meeting people as political herds and categories or as individuals with their own life histories? Not saying you always can or should, especially when people are in danger, but could there sometimes be a danger in simplistic antifa overlooking the latter and just reinforcing the fascism in a fatal dialectic? In the context of this question, here's a poem I wrote in 2011 based on a true story I read of a German guy called Horst who joined the Nazis, then changed his sex to Monika and joined the Left Party (Die Linke).


    It’s glam rock at the cusp of punk
    when Horst’s born in a German village
    to parents who split like a band soon
    as he pops. Mum’s on tranx.

    Fostered at three to a dad who loves
    the cane. Horst burns down
    the ugly living room curtains
    to get a better view of the fields

    breathing their fake canola sun far
    as the eye can see. Ten years later
    it’s back with mum, now clean &
    Catholic, a stepdad budgie breeder

    & drunk who belts the shit out
    of mum who belts him back to
    the tune of Horst pulling the pillow
    over his ears between walls happy

    with Metallica, Madonna, Queen.
    The budgies die. The first stubble
    finds Horst unhappy with this
    sudden roughing up of face & pubes.

    No friends, he’s the perfect victim
    for the schoolyard pack & never
    fights back. Just closes his eyes till
    he hears an alpha voice growling

    lay off, & Horst looks up to see four
    mirror Doc Martins under two skins.
    No more bullying, now he’s got
    friends, beers in pubs, pamphlets

    & joins the Nazis for the warmth.
    Hands out flyers, marches, nods
    along to their migrants out & hate
    the queers, though that hurts.

    His soul squirms in his body
    like a left hand in a right glove.
    Secretly meets men, wants boobs,
    a pussy, but doesn’t tell mum.

    When she dies he’s in hell, life
    an ugly fucking sculpture
    he wants to smash. He leaves
    his skinhead family, then his body

    to the clever knife till abracadabra
    she’s: Monika, & loves her boobs.
    On the dole, she’s drawn to bolshies,
    justice, more pamphlets, pubs.

    She joins. It’s the warm feeling,
    like a family she says. A candidate
    for The Left, she gets 2%, heckling
    she’s mad, a fat swastika on her door.

    She fears the Nazis might do more.
    Now she’s leaving for Berlin. Maybe
    slough all over again in some warm
    village big cold cities can still contain.

    (after an article in Der Spiegel 15/2011)

    • Rod 12th Jan 2017

      Looking at Wikipedia it seems this Andrew Anglin guy has made the reverse switch:

      "Anglin told media and technology company Vocativ that he was liberal as a youth, and as a teenager he read works by Noam Chomsky and "all that Communist, Jewish stuff".[9] He later studied Buddhism, Islam and 20th-century French philosophy before aligning himself with Neo-Nazism. In 2014, he stated that although he agreed with the central tenets of Nazism, he had reservations over reintroducing all aspects of Adolf Hitler's regime."

      It can go both ways I guess. Perhaps we have more in common with some of these rightwing groups than we usually think.

  • Dave Jones 13th Jan 2017

    I like the term "ideological rubble'. This Richard Spencer, whose mom lives in Whitefish, is the most articulate white nationalist I've ever heard. Knows all the lines. This is from an interview with Al Letson of Reveal:

    "Fairness has never been really a great value in my mind. I like greatness and winning and dominance and beauty."

    Some of you might enjoy a piece by Dave Eggers called The Day I Went Hunting for the Ku Klux Klan. It was in the Guardian, Dec. 17. I don't know how to provide links here. Sorry. Some Content Curator I turned out to be!(?)

    • Bat Chainpuller 14th Jan 2017


    • Rod 20th Jan 2017

      Someone else who is attracting support from the alt-right and who is using some of the same language (like "social justice warriors" and "pc language") is Jordan Peterson. I would describe him as neither left nor right but he seems to mostly criticize the left (what I've heard so far at least). He's very articulate. He's a Toronto University professor who has gotten into trouble because he refuses to use pronouns other than 'he' or 'she' for transgender people who identify as neither male nor female. Apparently some legislation has been passed in Canada which could penalize people for not using someone's preferred pronoun when referring to that person. His argument is that this is an infringement of free speech.

      On the face of it his argument sounds entirely convincing to me, although I haven't heard much of the counter-argument and don't know the details of the legislation.

      An article of his on this issue:


    • Lambert Meertens 21st Jan 2017

      The article by Peterson states that a similar law to Bill C-16 has been passed in NYC by which citizens can be fined for not using a gender-appropriate pronoun, based on an article in the WashPo claiming that the New York City Human Rights Law requires employers and landlords to use an addressee’s preferred pronoun. However, I can’t find anything even vaguely resembling such a requirement in the actual text of the law (NYC Administrative Code Section 8).

      Canada’s Federal Bill C-16 simply extends the protection against discrimination based on age or gender to also cover gender identity. I did understand from Peterson’s article that he/she/it believes this is dangerous, but notwithstanding his/her/its awesome articulateness I didn’t get what the danger is he appears to see.

    • Rod 22nd Jan 2017

      Thanks for looking up the actual text, something I was too lazy to do :)

      I think Peterson fears that the text of the legislation is broad enough that not using someone's pronoun of choice (like 'they', 'zie', 'hir' or anything one likes) could in certain cases be seen as a form of discrimination (or in its words, a 'hate crime'). Its fear seems to be that this will undermine free speech, which among others could harm societies ability to deal with conflict through verbal instead of physical violence.

      Some people at the University of Toronto seem to at least partially agree with its interpretation of the text. They've sent it two letters warning it to stop its refusal to use the pronouns on the basis that this constitutes discrimination. You can read the second letter in this Youtube video.

      Again, my source of information is mostly Peterson itself, so I may well have a warped view on the matter. But based on the above I draw the tentative conclusion that while this may have not been the purpose of the legislation, in practice it seems to indeed have a negative effect on freedom of speech (how large an effect is hard to judge). I would agree with Peterson that this can be dangerous, because freedom of thought is reliant upon freedom of speech.

    • “Mr. Spencer said he was worried about being attacked again. “I don’t think I could go out to an inauguration event without bodyguards or a protest or a conference,” he said. “I am more worried about going out to dinner on an average Tuesday because these kind of people are roaming around.” On Periscope, Mr. Spencer also expressed concern about the spread of the footage of the attack online. “I’m afraid this is going to become the meme to end all memes,” he said. “That I’m going to hate watching this.””

      Info https://youtu.be/wdlspJrUjZw

      Zappa https://youtu.be/8PTZickNskE

      Slayer https://youtu.be/b6G4wljB4jE

      New Order https://youtu.be/VI8TzwBaHJo

      Frenzal Rhomb https://youtu.be/7Emkmcq-PbU

      Tchaikovsky https://youtu.be/yshClIiz-cw

      Aesthetic https://youtu.be/V6xhYUXTQ58

      Happy Days https://youtu.be/CSenZbnbcss

      The Who https://youtu.be/qz8IdWNv9oo

      Phil Collins https://youtu.be/nl_FzrzGnUg

      Speech/Punch Mashup https://youtu.be/FcDjcTTaVgE

  • fred curran 15th Jan 2017

    Word is the march has been delayed until February.