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Member 2 Member Video with IOPS-NYC chapter

  This is part of the Participate!IOPS member2member interview campaign to encourage personal testimonials. There are thousands of IOPS members around the world, we want everyone to know the wonderful people who make NYC-IOPS tick. We…


In organizing NYC IOPS, (hosting meetings, going on marches and promoting events) I have come to both hate and appreciate the name, International Organization for a Participatory Society. It is a damm mouthful. I can never say in full with…

Mass Surveillance, Internet organizing, and IOPS after Snowden

I strongly support a more thoughtful and realistic response from IOPS to the current reality of mass government surveillance. I think a lack of understanding and tools around this reality has been a real difficulty for activists in the global…

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Having a IPOS panel at Left Fourm 2016

So; I'm a fan of the ideas and vision of Parecon, and that led me to this community here. I went to Left forum last year and had a great time, but aside from the books at one table, no discussion of Parecon;…

IOPS Reading Group over Skype

A reading and discussion group is a stategy for exploring a subject to greater depth, helping to understand the material and communicate that understanding effectively.  With a book as the touchstone,…

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East Setauket

New York, United States

Founded: 13th Aug 2016

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IOPS NYC Members "Can't Breathe!"

Jon Doe reports from IOPS NYC that "members have been pretty seriously involved in the recent upsurge of organizing and protest around the police murder of Eric Garner."  He goes on, "been trying to get the time to write something for…

Report back from IOPS-NY chapter Meetup at the OFS monthly meeting.

Report back from IOPS-NY chapter Meetup at the OFS monthly meeting.   On Wednesday night IOPS-NY had a chapter meetup at the Organization For a Free Society (www.afreesociety.org/) monthly disscussion. There were four IOPS members…

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