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Welcome To The Struggle

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It is great to see more Montanan's joining this new International. Hopefully this broader organizational form will allow those of us in this large state to connect and provide support, solidarity and meaningful critique to each other. I already know many of the Missoula folks and can't wait to hear the thoughts of those outside the area about where they want to go with this.

My name is Dave Jones and I have been a ZNet sustainer for some time and interested in the Parecon model for even longer. I have volunteered to be the administrator for this region and am just now learning what duties this involves. I am away from Montana as I write this, but will spend time with the site when I get home to Hamiliton in a few days.

I hope those who made the effort to join will also be willing to actively take part in both on-line and hopefully ( at some point), face to face discussion. There are a great many issues we are all probably involved with and I hope the IOPS alternative will help us make the case for a more just and sustainable society as we struggle together.

My email is flyfeverdj@hotmail.com if you prefer to contact me individually.

In solidarity,Dave










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