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IOPS Missoula Meeting Aug.21

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Ten members of the IOPS chapter met with 40% identifying as female ( 100%white but we are trying!) so we stay in good standing. This is out of a total of 18 members, not bad for a pleasant summer evening in Montana. Our recruitment to date has been through personal invite as it has been the experience of seasoned organizers that it is best to have a solid core before going public. Having studied the mission, vision and values of IOPS for the past nine months ( or so), we now have that core.

We have located a permanent public venue at the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center ( thankyou Board and Sarah) for third Tues. of each month. Our invite to the general public will be soon and we are preparing ourselves for the changed dynamic. They don't call it Wierd Missoula for nothing. We also decided to put ourselves out into the community more, both to agitate (what we call the Battering Ram) and observe how IOPS values might better apply within local government, civic organizations and activist groups.

We spent time evaluating progress and process so far and charting a path forward. Many of our invitees cannot make regular meetings because they are already so busy saving the world from capitalism, but we know they remain allied. Many members are focused on climate because Montana is ground zero for coal, oil , bitumen( Keystone pipe goes through here) and gas.

To that end, there was also agreement on a project best described as a Carbon Counter, a large public display of steadily rising CO2 as measured in ppm at Hawaii ( currently 397.23) We will reach out to 350.org and other climate groups to share sponsorship and help find prominent location in downtown Missoula and possibly campus. This gives a visceral, visual meaning to Jim Hanson's metaphore of the ticking time bomb.

Meeting ended with a chat on the deck watching the sunset over the Clark Fork River and waving to floaters.

Shout out to Sarah Owens of Salem IOPS for prodding me into this chapter report. We need a Northwest Gathering one of these days!

Dave Jones  Admin for Missoula Chapter

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  • Kim Keyser 26th Aug 2013

    Thanks for the report and grats on the permanent venue! Keep up the good work!