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Check In

I would like to hear from people about how they are feeling; how your week went, what gave you joy, what made you anxious- what you do to stay human in these challenging times. Do you have a specific practice, a creative outlet or a nurturing…

Michael Albert's Left List

Those who visit ZNet will notice an overlay introducing yet another Albert Emancipatory Project whose format is eerily familiar. First there is the Manifesto explaining broad goals. Then there is The List of Signatorees, distinguished (ie.…

Tar Sands Struggle

Fellow Montana climate activist Nick Englefried has published a piece in the ZNet Commentaries about recent local actions. You can find it here: http://zcomm.org/zcommentary/indigenous-organizing-drives-montana-tar-sands-opposition/ Missoula…

A Call to Action

In his interview with the magazine Canadian Dimension, Prof. Noam Chomsky says "a call to action, along with an indication of what can be done, can be energizing." He is talking specifically about the issue of climate change, an issue of truly…

Welcome New Members

Yo Jess, IOPS Missoula meets monthly 2nd Tues  at the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center if you are interested. My email is flyfeverdj@hotmail.com  if you would like to be added to the listserve. (sometimes there are changes to the schedule)…

October Meeting of Missoula IOPS

Eight members and five guests attended the Oct.22 meeting of Missoula IOPS at the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center. Because many had not had time to complete the survey around goals and expectations, the discussion was tabled till Nov. meeting.…

Perfect As Enemy of the Good?

Over at ZSocial, which everyone should join, there is a “commons” area for discussions on a wide range of topics, one of which is ecology and climate change. There, Michael Albert asks a provocative (he himself labels it a “heretical”)…

Newest Projects

Stop the Tar sands

Climate scientist James Hanson has said development of the Alberta Tar Sands is "game over" in terms of climate catastrophe.  So it must be stopped. In order to accomplish this, everyone,  from…

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