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Green New Deal: Radical Opening?

There is considerable momentum building here in the US around the concept of a Green New Deal. At the moment it remains vague enough to bring together liberals like Corey Booker and radicals like DSA and System Change Not Climate Change (both…

Elite Concern

John Lennon sang "We all want to change the world" and now, after a bit of hesitation, this includes the alpha elite. Confused John believed the answer was to "free your mind". The Davos crowd rally under the banner of "do good AND do well",…

Rupture Considered

Just finished re-reading Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison, the penultimate anti-rupture argument. In it the Brotherhood works to ignite a rupture, in this case a race riot, hoping to spark revolution. It does not work out so well. Echoing many…

Kind Slave Master

Once upon a time in the Confederacy, a benevolent slave owner named Orrin noticed some of his property acting...restless. When I say benevolent I mean he recognized that a well-fed slave, one with decent housing and a mattress would be more…

More Rupture Plus Slime

Andreas Malm uses the term "induced implosion" and quotes Benjamin 'The destructive character has the consciousness of historical man, whose deepest emotion is an insuperable mistrust of the course of things and a readiness at all times to…

Winds of Change

I woke the other morning from a vague vision/ dreamscape of Paul Klee's Angelus Novus and Walter Benjamin's prophetic take from his Thesis on the Philosophy of History. Weird, right? I hadn't read the thing in years and then barely understood…

Parents Guide to Climate Change

Talking With Your Child About Climate Change             by the Rev. David D. Jones Children are naturally curious about the things they hear and often turn to their parents for explanation.…

Newest Projects

Stop the Tar sands

Climate scientist James Hanson has said development of the Alberta Tar Sands is "game over" in terms of climate catastrophe.  So it must be stopped. In order to accomplish this, everyone,  from…

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