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Update from Study Group on the Role of a Revolutionary Organization

For several months now, a handful or so of IOPS members, including myself, have held conference calls to discuss texts that relate to the topic of revolutionary organization. The reading group is an IOPS project called "Study Group on the Role…

Israeli Apartheid Week 2013

Ninth Annual Israeli Apartheid Week (February - March 2013) We are excited to announce the upcoming 9th annual Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) starting late February in Europe and moving to various countries through the month of March. Israeli…

Interview: David Marty on the State of Spain's 15M and Revolutionary Organization

In the summer of 2011, hundreds of thousands of citizens throughout Spain took to the streets to protest government austerity measures. Street-protests turned into encampments, which spread into neighborhoods where neighborhood assemblies formed…

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Perry Hall Community Garden

The Perry Hall Community Garden has brought together a diverse group of local people. This is a first year garden in which we will share in the work to make this garden grow.

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