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Honeypot show, Lawrence, KS

Honeypot is a solo art show from Walt Ohnesorge (me). I decided to post it here because some of the content may be pertinent to the values of IOPS. There will be information about capitalism, cryptocurrency, and the pressing class divide, to…

Is Anybody In Here?

Lauren says he was elected mid May.  I haven't been around but can't see any signs of activity here in Kansas or Lawrence Chapters.  Maybe it's because I haven't figured out how things work?  Say Hello?   Thanks Terry Sullivan…

mothershiplawrence subreddit

Though in its infancy, this subreddit seeks to congeal the artistic masses in Lawrence - to leverage the voice of Artists in the town of Lawrence Kansas.   http://www.reddit.com/r/MothershipLawrence/

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Kansas, United States

Founded: 14th Oct 2016

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