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LIVE TALK OCTOBER 12TH, Our Collective Creativity

LIVE TALK (October 12th) Another examination of using our Collective Creativity, You are invited to  "use our collective creativity to address this issue of the use of collective creativity"     …

LiveTalk Saturday August 9th “How do we make a plan of action and start doing something with it?”

Live Talk Saturday August 9th (2PM New York)(6PM UTC)(8PM Rome)  This Live Talk will be centered around the conclusions of the Survey http://www.iopsociety.org/blog/non-member-survey and a list of questions brought forward by Lambert Meertens…

Notes from the Live Talk

With Omissions...   July 20th Live Talk 1:00pm Chicago time Topic: Exploring Proposals brought forward, Proposals, ideas and local projects Attendees: Daniël de Klerk, Jeremy Bowman, Fred Curran   1) Protests in Amsterdam, several…

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Live Talks

Want to organize an online talk? Have an idea for a great topic to discuss? Please help get regular Live Talks up and running. We need participants to help discuss and decide topics for discussion.…

Building A Student Presence-Campus organizing for IOPS

In short: Build IOPS "chapters" on college campusesGoals:-encourgae young people to get involved in activism -encourage education, but not be over bearing -allow for both deciated and part time members…

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Illinois, United States

Founded: 17th Oct 2014


Illinois, United States

Founded: 12th May 2014


Illinois, United States

Founded: 31st Mar 2014

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Fast-food workers put their issues on the table

Elizabeth Schulte reports on the May 15 global day of action by fast-food workers--and what the Fight for 15 campaign means for low-wage workers everywhere. May 19, 2014   FAST-FOOD workers took to the streets on May 15 for their…

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