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Invitation to Liquid Solidarity

We, a group of IOPS members and ex-members, would like to invite you to participate in a new website, Liquid Solidarity. It is still under construction, but it is inching its way to be what we imagined. The bones of a functioning website are…

Online Chapter Talk for Illinois Members

This Talk is for all Illinois Members. It is an open forum online discussion to cover any topics you are interested in discussing. All are welcome. It will be held at 6:30 pm December 21st,  through Google Hangouts.  This will require…


Does the ICC exist? Well I suppose it depends on what you mean by ICC and exist. ICC member Paul Street was nice enough to inform me something along the lines of, "you know, the ICC is not real".  So I asked Noam Chomsky and he granted…

Newest Projects


Looking for those interested in submitting any artwork, journalism, stories, jokes, ideas and insight for a daily news comic project for IOPS. I would love some help or thoughts or collaboration.

Live Talks

Want to organize an online talk? Have an idea for a great topic to discuss? Please help get regular Live Talks up and running. We need participants to help discuss and decide topics for discussion.…

Building A Student Presence-Campus organizing for IOPS

In short: Build IOPS "chapters" on college campusesGoals:-encourgae young people to get involved in activism -encourage education, but not be over bearing -allow for both deciated and part time members…