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2018 Global Forum

What do people think about this? Should we get involved and attend? https://2018globalforum.com

Videos on Department of Interior testimony in Hawaii

Please view these videos to see and hear the testimony of people in Hawaii in regards to relations with the United States of America. http://akaku.org/meetings-on-native-hawaiian-recognition/ http://www.olelo.org/recognition/ http://www.naleo.tv/department-of-interior-hearings/

12:16AM Thoughts from Honolulu

Hey! I'm just thinking out loud here. A part of me feels that IOPS is very important. Yet this importance has not translated into action. Why have I not participated much on the IOPS website? I think there's probably 2 main reasons. I'm too…

A New Testament View of Globalization

What is the greatest enemy of the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth today? For decades it was perceived to be Communism, but the Cold War ended in the early 1990s. Then, militant Islam emerged as the primary target. Other foes have also been identified…

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