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Public Educators Unite!

  I'm interested in launching a project to organize public education and public educators along participatory guidelines. First step is to find out who among us is in the profession and interested in joining me in this project. So let…


Hi, there everybody. Sam Alexander, Jacksonville resident, 26 year old college student. I wanted to introduce myself and encourage others to do the same, though I'm not sure if this is the correct venue to do it.   I'm new to Jacksonville,…

Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Politics

                      This is a fantastic documentary, giving voice to the work of both Chomsky, and Thomas Ferguson, on exactly how money-in-politics often works out! 

Newest Projects

The People's Values and Allocations

The People's Values/Allocations is a global, open communication/information system where the people place values on materials and products to properly allocate resources locally. This system provides…

creating a chapter

I took a cursory look at the Florida membership and noticed quite a few members from Sarasota. I'm from Port Charlotte, not that far away, and there are others from the Tampa area. I am wondering if we…

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Founded: 28th Jul 2018

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