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Experiments in Radical Democracy in Spain - Lessons We Can Learn

There are very interesting things happening in Spain that may have much to teach us about a radically democratic politics that harnesses the power of social networks & the way the internet allows each of us a voice, a way to share our knowledge…

My blog...in a world gone mad, the only sane response is a radical response...

I've started my own blog with the central theme being that one can only respond to a system of total control with a radical response. Please check it out. radicalresponse.org

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

Just trying to actually get Delaware together and talking. Are any of you other members still even interested in this or what? Should members from the Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, and south Jersey areas get together? I've posted…

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Essential Radical Readings Reading Group

I am interested in getting a group of us together online to discuss and debate essential radical readings, in the hopes that we can then begin to formualte new ideas and strategies for the IOPS. The first…

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Delaware, United States

Founded: 26th Sep 2016

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