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First IOPS Meeting in Boulder

Donald, Linda and Will met at the Bookworm, about 12:05pm. (Hey guys, we shoulda taken a picture - maybe this was an historic event. First IOPS meeting in Boulder.) The three of us seemed to agree on a lot. (I LOVE you guys!) So far, this chapter…


  What is debt? Econ 1001 You're free! © General Striker News Service............. The US has completed a de facto repudiation of debt. How was this possible and what does it matter? It's possible because capital is essentially amoral.…

Projects for IOPS Colorado

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Perhaps a good way to get the Colorado Chapter started would be a discussion of what projects people would like to work on for the Colorado Chapter. My main concern with IOPS is the very elitist/academic feel it has. A revolutionary organization…

Newest Projects

Colorado Anti Capitalist Prisoner Support

  Throughout Colorado people willing to sacrifice their personal freedoms to directly confront State/Corporate/Capitalist Power are being held behind bars. I am creating this project in an attempt…

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