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Whats the impact of budget set by government on society

New budget has arrived and announced by government officials and will be implemented from 1st of April. So, how our society is impacted with this. There are sudden increase of prices on Electronics items, fuel expenses but nothing about rebate…

First IOPS Meeting in Boulder

Donald, Linda and Will met at the Bookworm, about 12:05pm. (Hey guys, we shoulda taken a picture - maybe this was an historic event. First IOPS meeting in Boulder.) The three of us seemed to agree on a lot. (I LOVE you guys!) So far, this chapter…


  What is debt? Econ 1001 You're free! © General Striker News Service............. The US has completed a de facto repudiation of debt. How was this possible and what does it matter? It's possible because capital is essentially amoral.…

Projects for IOPS Colorado

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Perhaps a good way to get the Colorado Chapter started would be a discussion of what projects people would like to work on for the Colorado Chapter. My main concern with IOPS is the very elitist/academic feel it has. A revolutionary organization…

Newest Projects

Colorado Anti Capitalist Prisoner Support

  Throughout Colorado people willing to sacrifice their personal freedoms to directly confront State/Corporate/Capitalist Power are being held behind bars. I am creating this project in an attempt…

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