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Fancying Fanfare? Andrej Grubacic Interviews Michael Albert

Fancying Fanfare? Andrej Grubacic Interviews Michael Albert In a rather unusual left publishing event, Michael Albert, Mandisi Majavu, Mark Evans, Jessica Azulay, and David Marty have simultaneously released three books…

Who in San Francisco wants to start a face to face council for IOPS?

Hello,  I've lived in the Mission for 25 years. I am an anarchist socialist, active in bands for 20 years, friends of many good people here;  would really like to get going with 'council meetings', discussion of IOPS structure, and…

Newest Projects

Satirists Collective of IOPS

For all IOPS members interested in developing satirical content from an IOPS, down-and-to-the-left perspective, possibly through music, a left alternative to The Onion, or a left satirical news web series…

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