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US admin

Just throwing this up to see what the situation is presently with the US chapter. Understandable not exactly priority number one, but the present US page seems to be a bit behind and just a thought, I would be happy to takeover the admin status…

The Future of Humanity

    Anarchimedia,  Sam Curran and Fred Curran talking shit


Fascists, Fools and Super Virtual Reality  

Is ZSocail gone?

Is ZSocial still extant? I cannot bring the Website up; just get "Connecting" forever. Cheers, Alan Shank Woodland, CA

Jill Stein's response to Obama's State-of-the-Union message


A Proposal for a Preliminary Convention, from the San Diego Chapter

We in the San Diego Chapter would like to intervene in the discussion of a founding convention, and the parameters leading to such a convention.  See discussion of a perceived need for a founding convention and proposals for preconditions…

Stay Focused

I am posting this to ask all of IOPS to please direct your time, energy, and discussions to the topic of organizational matters.  I see a lot of discussion regarding single issues.  Admittedly, these events are happening now, they…

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Satirists Collective of IOPS

For all IOPS members interested in developing satirical content from an IOPS, down-and-to-the-left perspective, possibly through music, a left alternative to The Onion, or a left satirical news web series…

San Francisco Bay Area IOPS Community

Engine for regional IOPS community-building & collaboration in the San Francisco Bay Area, open to all members in the region. An initial goal is to have a regional IOPS meeting somewhere central in…

The Greater Los Angeles IOPS Community

Welcome!  This project is a connecting point for all IOPS members who live or are active in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and nearby regions.  We belong to multiple chapters spread over…

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California, United States

Founded: 23rd Nov 2018

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California IOPS Structure

Closed end: 20 August 2013

This preliminary poll will help determine the initial organization of the California chapter page on this site, as well as generate data on participants' interests…


How should local chapters affiliate with the California state chapter?

Formal regions, which will operate on an ongoing basis. Locals affiliate with the regional, regionals with CA, unless a local opts-out. (1)
Informal regions, which will operate as decided by the participant locals. Locals remain directly affiliated with CA, but can opt-in to regionals. (1)
No regionals, unless a new chapter is initially created as such. All locals directly affiliate with CA. (0)
Abstain or don't care. (0)

Total: 2

How should the California state chapter admin be chosen?

By application or nomination, then a vote, online through an IOPS poll. (2)
By application or nomination, then a vote, at the first CA chapter meeting. (0)
Neither. If either the current admin wishes to step down, or the membership wishes them to be removed, a new admin is nominated, then confirmed by the membership. In the case of a removal, a grace period to accept additional nominations will be held befor (0)
Abstain or don't care. (0)

Total: 2

At what point do we initiate scheduling the first California IOPS meeting?

Now! (1)
At a certain number of people (i.e. 300, 500, etc.). (1)
In a certain amount of time (i.e. end of 2013, within 6 months, or specific date). (1)
At a certain minimum number of people in both NorCal & SoCal (roughly San Louis Obispo West-East, with min. 100, 150, 200, etc.). (0)
Abstain or don't care. (1)

Total: 4

Should there also be identity quota threshholds, in addition to other requirements for the California meeting?

Yes. (1)
No. (1)
Abstain or don't care. (0)

Total: 2

If quota threshholds are used, what should they be?

Percentage (25%, 1/3, 40%, 50%). (1)
Number (min. 50, 100, 150, etc.) (0)
Against quotas as a threshhold for a meeting. (1)
Abstain or don't care. (0)

Total: 2

Which identity groups should be included in quotas, if any?

Sex/gender. (1)
Ethnicity/Skin Color. (1)
Dis/ability, neurodifference, and chronic health conditions. (0)
Age: Youth & elders. (0)
Sexuality: LGBTQ, inclusive of genderqueerness. (1)
Class: Low-income, working poor, and working class. (Education attained below BA, income less than $40k/year, and/or such a background). (1)
Against quotas as a threshhold for a meeting. (1)
Abstain or don't care. (0)

Total: 5

Total Number of Voters: 2