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Welcome Frozen Chosen!   I am excited about the latest discussions on becoming an official IOPS chapter which invites the larger public, is active in local and global issues and has a structure, form, processes etc that help us both imagine and create the new society.  I believe we are up to the challenge of being radical and social, of learning and participating and of confronting the big issues we face with tenacity and dignity.

As many of us found out at Occupy, a "complex unity, where our differences can spark like the dialectic" is itself an ongoing process fraught with tension, never perfect or complete. Let's just make sure every voice gets heard and that we nurture those not used to speaking out. And anybody else who wants to be the administrator for the site speak up, anybody would have to be more computer saavy than me!

Onward through the Fog!



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  • Kuan Phillips 13th Jan 2013

    Keep on nurturing Dave. Sounds like you've got a great chapter over there.

  • Gregory VanGaya 15th Jan 2013

    Right on, I'm glad more came out of your Occupy than here in Vancouver (hey, we got a good local chapter all the same). I hope to hear more about what you all are up to.

  • Dave Jones 1st Feb 2013

    Thanks you guys and welcome Dave Shade. The interesting thing about Missoula is it is filled with non-profits run by well waning "progressives" who are wary about radical discourse,agitating etc. Ditto with traditional labor.

    Gregory, are any of your folks involved with the coal export struggle? I get to Portland /Vancouver every so often and would love to meet up.