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Tar Sands Struggle

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Fellow Montana climate activist Nick Englefried has published a piece in the ZNet Commentaries about recent local actions. You can find it here: http://zcomm.org/zcommentary/indigenous-organizing-drives-montana-tar-sands-opposition/

Missoula IOPS has a long relationship with the primary organizers of these actions which involved hindering shipments of large pieces of equipment headed for the Alberta tar sands prpject. Nick has attended our meetings and I have been arrested alongside him in anti-coal actions.

But this solidarity is not without tension and goes to the blog on today's main page about linking to other "change agents". The organization Nick has co-founded, Blue Skies Coalition, is not explicitly anti-capitalist and the discussion over "radical critique" is perpetually deferred for the sake of expedience and utility. It makes it harder to recruit progressives and liberals, much less the conservative majority which exists here. I assume this to be the case in most regions of the US.

This writer believes Blue Skies and all other climate groups will find their strategy of forcing regulation of carbon markets unsuccessful. This means it is imperative that those of us who believe markets are the problem and can never be the solution engage these groups in a civil and respectful manner and challenge their assumptions and critique. This is the true spirit of solidarity.

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  • Max H 24th Jan 2015

    I agree and I have already started this locally as well.

    I don't understand comments on this site that assume we need permission or an international convention to accomplish this. Or to do other things like make climate our focus...or any project. or to collect dues. Or to federate. It baffles me. As if it would make any difference to the actual work that must be undertaken.

    I also see criticism of the entire Left directed at IOPS as if it should be immune or to blame. I would not mind it if there was a solution or alternative offered...And I don't mean giving up and crawling into a corner as if that was an original idea no one else had thought of.