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Notes from today's Chicago meeting

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Café Mustache Sunday Meeting

-Discussed issues brought up in the What Now blog- the role/ legitimacy of the ICC, should a group of 50 or so members be making decisions for 50 or so other members? - Whether or not IOPS is ready to be self managing. - Membership diversity lack.
-Importance of international discussion- language barriers- translations of web content?
-IOPS facing internal sexism and racism
- If two people show up to a meeting is it a legitimate Meeting? 3? 4? ??
-Local Chicago participation- social gatherings, getting over the awkwardness of a meeting- perhaps a booze meet up instead of coffee for a future meeting. Saturday vs Sunday?
-Possible Chicago projects: 1) Gift care package for the homeless in Chicago- water bottle, piece of fruit, non-perishable food items, hygeine packets, a short note, stuff of this sort provided it is light and portable. 2) Letters to Chicago prisoners- establish friendly open communication, get a better understanding of prison dynamics, classism/ racism/ sexism/ etc in prison, their working conditions before being in prison and prospects post-prison life. Hopefully we could make some allies here and be of some kind of support. Should we focus on female prisoners or should gender not matter? Should there be a screening process?

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  • Sarah Owens 23rd Jun 2014

    Thanks for the notes, Claire. How many did you have in attendance? Were they all "regulars"? If not, was interest expressed in additional meetings?

  • Claire Bruhn 23rd Jun 2014

    The attendance was meager, two, Fred Curran and myself. It was my first Chicago meeting and Fred and I had a nice conversation, though we both wished there was more of a turn out. We could have very well had our meeting over the phone. Fred regularly attends the Chicago meetings, I think he is one of maybe three in regular attendance (not exactly sure). I would be interested in attending other meetings.

    • Sarah Owens 9th Aug 2014

      How are things in Chicago for you, Claire? I'm corresponding with Fred, but I like to have different perspectives.

  • Claire Bruhn 10th Aug 2014

    Things for me are alright, went to a nice protest this afternoon. That is really the most involved I have been, aside for conversation lately. As for IOPS and Chicago, I'm sure Fred gave you an accurate perspective. He is really the heart beat of IOPS in Chicago right now.