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Missoula Intro to IOPS Meeting

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Last Wed. members in Missoula Mt held an intro to IOPS meeting at the public library where a group of invited guests listened to a short presentation facilitated by member John W.  We watched a short video and heard current members talk about why they feel a local branch would be a valuable hub around which to organize for a more participatory and just society.

We welcome newest member Sarah Mc Clain and hope others found the information compelling. I would especially encourage Kevin to join up as it ONLY TAKES A MINUTE of your valuable time. This way we can stay ahead of Iowa, Missouri, Virginia, Conneticut ( That's right!) Indiana and Maine. We are naturally smoking both Idaho anf Wyoming ( ! member each). And, oh yeah, there are less than a million people in the whole state of Montana.

Join the group for a May Day demonstration against budget cuts at the UM Oval at 12:00 and then join in rally, potluck and kickball at Kiwanis Park at 6:00 pm .  We Will Win A Better World ( and have fun trying)

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