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Hello from your provisional admin for the Arkansas IOPS chapter!

According to Jason Chrysostomou, I am now your friendly provisional admin for the Arkansas IOPS chapter. I'll continue in this position until the chapter or branch meets and makes its own collective decision, unless I decide before then that I'd like to resign (in IOPS vernacular: "or you decide you would like to no longer have the position").

The role of an admin is to manage the content of our Arkansas chapter site by selecting featured blog posts, adding pages, adding content boxes to the home page, and setting up forum categories.  I work full-time and so covet any assistance or suggestions offered.  Given the overwhelmingly cracker results of the recent elections in this unnatural state, we've got our work cut out for us if we hope to make a difference in how we operate and interact as an egalitarian society.

Without your cooperation and assistance, this effort will likely be a solo (but sporadic) re-hash of my alter ego Monsieur d'Nalgar, snarky bloggeur extraordinaire at http://levantium.com.  But tell me what you want to see and do, and I'll do my damnedest to oblige.  Until then, I am...

...John Ragland

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Picture an average college Freshman-politically unexperienced-but eager to participate in a social and political revolution and passionate about civil rights and fair government. If he/she came to the IOPS site, would they quickly leave because…

Which Arkansans are listening?

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I haven't seen any activity on the Arkansas state page yet.  I'd like, if possible, for us to get active and start recruiting.  That way we can start formulating some plan of action and sense of community.  So, who in Arkansas…

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