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A Path?

  I have been absent from IOPS for awhile due to work and health issues. On the other hand, I am not sure what beyond an article or two I would have been doing, even if I had had more time to give.   IOPS began. It inaugurated an…

A Personal Response to Non-members

This is my personal response to some of the comments in the non-member survey report, just the thoughts that came to mind as I read them and how I might initially approach a non-member about a given issue.  Please let me know what you…

Activism and Community

i brainstormed this project a bit with local group member Syd Fredrickson, who suggested photographer Alex Garland.   my idea was to create a wall calendar to show a mix of what many of us are fighting against, with various local solutions…

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This image version of the basic IOPS flyer can be easily posted and viewed on websites, blogs, and various social media platforms.


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Michigan, United States

Founded: 23rd Aug 2014

Campo Bonito

Arizona, United States

Founded: 18th Aug 2014


Massachusetts, United States

Founded: 15th Aug 2014


Pennsylvania, United States

Founded: 5th Aug 2014

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Tabling at Willamette University 2014 Activities & Resources Expo

  Thanks to Willamette University here in Salem, Oregon, for allowing IOPS Salem to participate in yesterday's 2014 Activites and Resources Expo.  The organizers were awesome and the evening was beautiful!  Thanks, too, to all…

We Have Not! by Budd Hadasa - A Funny Political Cartoon

Budd Hadasa is a local (Roanoke County, Virginia) political cartoon artist. http://wehavenot.com


While IOPS is in an interim stage, please consider making a one time donation to help pay towards the costs of hosting, maintenance, and ongoing feature innovations of the website. Note that one time donations will eventually be replaced by membership dues. If one time donations exceed the above mentioned costs, funds will be saved for future use! 

Newest Projects

Live Talks

Want to organize an online talk? Have an idea for a great topic to discuss? Please help get regular Live Talks up and running. We need participants to help discuss and decide topics for discussion.…

Love Unriot

Hope this will become a communal blog for continuing to ask questions and keep an open mind.  

Creating New IOPS Forums

I feel like the forums here aren't very good or conducive to much conversation, they're not very attractive and they're hard to find. These things all together I think may stifle potential members who…

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