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Experiments in Radical Democracy in Spain - Lessons We Can Learn

There are very interesting things happening in Spain that may have much to teach us about a radically democratic politics that harnesses the power of social networks & the way the internet allows each of us a voice, a way to share our knowledge…

My blog...in a world gone mad, the only sane response is a radical response...

I've started my own blog with the central theme being that one can only respond to a system of total control with a radical response. Please check it out. radicalresponse.org


Does the ICC exist? Well I suppose it depends on what you mean by ICC and exist. ICC member Paul Street was nice enough to inform me something along the lines of, "you know, the ICC is not real".  So I asked Noam Chomsky and he granted…

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This image version of the basic IOPS flyer can be easily posted and viewed on websites, blogs, and various social media platforms.


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Washington, United States

Founded: 2nd Jul 2015


Ohio, United States

Founded: 21st Jun 2015


Alabama, United States

Founded: 18th Jun 2015

Admiralty Village

Maine, United States

Founded: 17th Jun 2015

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Essential Radical Readings Reading Group

I am interested in getting a group of us together online to discuss and debate essential radical readings, in the hopes that we can then begin to formualte new ideas and strategies for the IOPS. The first…


Looking for those interested in submitting any artwork, journalism, stories, jokes, ideas and insight for a daily news comic project for IOPS. I would love some help or thoughts or collaboration.

Live Talks

Want to organize an online talk? Have an idea for a great topic to discuss? Please help get regular Live Talks up and running. We need participants to help discuss and decide topics for discussion.…

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