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Moneyless Meter Project

Project Information
Created on: 27th May 2012



We are currently living in a system - a system so dominant that most of us cannot imagine or name ‘another’. The problem is that this system harms every one of us (arguments might be here or there) and reality is that; each of us still also lives (at least a bit) out of this system but we don’t know how much?

Instead of letting the ‘machine’ give ranks to us everyday for the level of our loyalty to it, we might as well give rank to ourselves by our level of independency from it!

With that in mind; this project offers to build an assessment tool for our dependency on money and a platform to gain access to several communities to let foster a more moneyless society.

Any comments are welcome to design this content and web designers with java and/or flash knowledge is required for implementation.


Identification Features

1. A web / mobile based application will be built to mainly give the service of revealing users’ level of dependency to money and to track their progress.

2. Application will be called “Moneyless Meter”.

3. Application target user channel is everyone (public).

4. In the first page of application; there will be an applet / plug-in showing the calculated ranking (with percentages) of some sample users.

5. Such samples will be - but not limited to - as follows:

a. İmece Evi: www.imeceevi.org 

b. ‘Tarla Taban’ Community: http://tarlataban.wordpress.com/ 

c. Mark Boyle: www.justfortheloveofit.org

d. Bay Area Community Exchange (http://timebank.sfbace.org/)

e. Specific Samples from “Recovered Factories” (Argentina Workers?)

f. The New User

6. The ranks of mentioned individuals and/or communities and the users will be calculated with the help of some index templates based on lifestyles and a simple questionairre.

7. Before opening the application to public, at least 5 sample users should be placed on the applet (Moneyless Meter Scale) with their real information.

Progress Tracking & Guidance Features

8. Users will be able to track their changing rank status with the information built in the update feature that is provided within the application.

9. The user will also be provided a guidance for freeing themselves from the monetory economic system.

10. There will also be a simulation section; specificly designed for the user to projectize their ‘opportunities’ for freeing them. Users will immediately observe their actions’ effects on their rank.

Membership will not be required!



1. Following potantial domains are already secured:

a. www.moneyless.org

b. www.moneylessmeter.org

c. www.moneyfreemeter.org

2. Project delivery (Moneyless Meter) will not require any actions to take or decisions to make from it's users. The plaform is rather an identifier to show the user where he / she is in the monetary system space. This is just; click and see the result in the screen in 5 minutes.

3. Though the initiative clearly tends to support skillsharing and bartering and courages the change in lifestyles; at this stage – there will be no aim to build a community network framework or to directly offer big changes. Platform will rather be acting as a kind of gate to several communities such as IOPS and others...

Challenges & Risks & Mitigations

1. Index itself is a challenge! If the number of parameters and questions will be high; user might be lost in the first minutes. Mitigation: Templates should be designed for having fast rank results, some templates might be named as:

a. Classic Lifestyle (whatever that means)

b. Travel Lifestyle

c. High-Technology Lifestyle

d. Cultural Lifestyle

e. etc... (won't be hard to imagine others...)

The template information should also be editable for the advanced users to fine tune their ranks, hours and hours if they want to...

However; an average user should not be spending more than 5 minutes to see their rank. The application should always be guiding the user like a wizard with the ‘next’ buttons. Needless to mention; application interface will be as plain as possible...

2. If the moneyless meter will be perceived as a one-way calculator, the results might not satisfy the user Mitigation: Though most of the effort will be spent carefully on building the index, templates and questionairre, the ranking system will only give results based upon it's users’ entries. This should clearly be mentioned in the application's manuals.


1. Set finalized Project Initiation Document with some more details.

2. Prepare a more detailed plan; including the scope, resource, material, time and the skills required for the project,

3. Handshake with all the stakeholders,

4. Act and Track!

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