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yaşam hakkımızı teslim edecek miyiz?

yaşamı her koşulda onurlu ve yaratıcı kılmak için birlikte olma imkanlarımızı zorlamalıyız, örgütlenmeliyiz   darbe girişimleri veya iktidarın faşizan düzenlemeleri özgür ve onurlu yaşama…

In Turkey Over 600 Kurdish Political Prisoners Are in Their 55th Day in Hunger Strike

When you will read this article, the Kurdish political prisoners will reach to their 50th + more days in hunger strike that they will continue indefinitely until their two basic demands are met. These are critical days in a hunger strike without…

Why is International Organisation for a Participatory Society (IOPS) important for Turkey?

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, dissidents in Turkey as well as in the rest of the world have lacked a long-term, participatory vision with a potential to change the system without repeating the errors of the old left. Undoubtedly, those…

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Moneyless Meter Project

MONEYLESS METER PROJECT / INITIATION DOCUMENT OFFER We are currently living in a system - a system so dominant that most of us cannot imagine or name ‘another’. The problem is that this system…

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