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IOPS Sweden: Michael Albert in Stockholm

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Here is a brief report from Stockholm:

The 6th of November Michael Albert visited Stockholm, Sweden as part of his tour through northern Europe, where he gave a talk titled “IOPS – a new organization for a self managed society” at a café in Old Town. About 50 people attended and it was a mixed audience in terms of age, background, etc. which showed a lot of interest, asked questions and participated actively in the discussion. People could sign up for a second contact and many did. The response to this second contact has this far been limited, though. IOPS Sweden has gotten a handful new members presumably as a result of the event but maybe more significant, the planning of the event brought together a small group of organizers that plans to continue the efforts to initiate an active Stockholm chapter.

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  • Mark Evans 18th Nov 2012

    Hi Anders - thanks for the report and good luck with your latest efforts at organising a functioning chapter in Stockholm.

    Please keep us posted of any developments and hope to see you in person in the not so distant future.

  • Sarah Owens 21st Nov 2012

    Just 50? Mind sharing what promotion was done? Did the event meet expectations? Any other events in Stockholm? Any lessons learned, things you'd do differently if you had the chance?

  • Anders Sandstrom 21st Nov 2012

    The stop in Stockholm was very short - not even 24 hours - so this was the only event. The promotion was basically along three lines: 1) social media 2) the individual targeting of some 15 or so alternative and/or radical organizations whose members we thought would be attracted to IOPS and 3) approaching left and alternative media.

    The turnout and the interest from the audience were about what we had expected, but the lack of interest from the left media was a disappointment, though we did get one interview. Of course, we did not expect a rush of journalists to the event but we did expect more than one interview. Also, the follow-up contact with people signing up for a second contact has been a disappointment so far. Sadly, it follows the pattern that I have noticed in my work for promoting the Parecon model – often you get a fairly good turnout and interested questions and so on when doing talks, but very little response to follow-up efforts. The event DID bring a few organizers closer which probably is one of the most significant results of the event.

  • Thomas Hallbert 23rd Nov 2012

    We had a similar event with Michael in Paris, the 11th and 12th of November. Much less participants than Stockholm, wich might be taken as an encouragement for Sweden.
    We also just had one interview made. I think the lack of interest from any media is that they are totally blinded on capitalist mainstream tendencies, and dont realise how painfully they are lead to one only waterhole. Media workers as many others prefer the comfortable "cut and paste" model of contribution. Less obstacles.
    So we are left with the obligation to continue knocking on the doors, that is why we are here I suppose.
    In Paris we had our first French IOPS meeting and it was very non-formal and just great meeting up and having voices and faces to everyone. The dificulty to bring in and engage new members is probably connected with a feeling of like standing in front of billions of people and you have to say the right thing, and you only got 3 minutes. It is easier to get people involved in face to face activities, and I think that is what we really have to do. The International perspective comes with it, but holding the wide horizons in front of people can scare people, or make them feel little and powerless. And as IOPS has to be built from the bottom, it is their we have to focus.
    Acting in the small and thinking big.