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How to be a working chapter?

I'm going to publish a report to inform you about the newly created chapter in Castellón (Spain). Before doing that, I would to share with you my thoughts about organizational issues.   In "are you in a working chapter?", we very…

España: ¿Quién rescata a los españoles?

¿QUIÉN RESCATA A LOS ESPAÑOLES? Que el Banco Central Europeo rescate o no los bancos españoles, España seguirá en crisis. Probablemente la situación incluso empeore bajo el mandato del actual…


WHO IS RESCUING THE SPANISH PEOPLE? Whether its banks are rescued by the ECB or not, Spain will remain in crisis. The situation is likely to become even worse under the ruling of the current right wing government of Mariano Rajoy who seems…

¿Hay vida después del capitalismo?

Daniel Marty danieliops@hotmail.com Miembro de la Organización Internacional por una Sociedad Participativa www.iopsociety.org En uno de los titulares del 5 de diciembre del periódico digital El Plural (http://www.elplural.com/2012/12/05…

Presentation of IOPS in Vila-Real (Spain)

November, 23th I gave my second talk about IOPS in Spain. The invitation came from the city council of Vila-Real (a 51.000 inhabitants city located between Valencia and Barcelona) which is currently trying to set a system for the citizens to…

Presentation of IOPS in Spain - second talk

Hi all I just want to show you the first poster of the talk I will give next Tursday, November 29th in the city of Vila Real, 80 kms in the north of Valencia. This will happen thanks to the support of Vila Real city hall and the University…

IOPS in Spain: First public talks in 2012

The International Organization for a Participatory Society is an opportunity to rethink our society to change it radically. I'm convince there is something we should keep in mind: having a vision is, strategically speaking, the first step.During…

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