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Encuentro en Londres de IOPS

Estimados miembros de IOPS España, Michael Albert - cofundador de Znet y miembro de IOPS, estará en Londres a finales de octubre. ¡Evento de bienvenida de IOPS Reino Unido e Irlanda! Tenemos el honor de poder confirmar el…

David Marty appearance on The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann (RT television in the US)

Last week I was on RT tv to speak about the protests in Spain. This is a short interview -- and also my first TV -- where I am asked about the Mondragon Industries and the Northern regions. Radio Interview:     TV Interview:

Lanzamiento de IOPS España

Es con orgullo y con cierta emoción que inauguramos esta semana la página web de IOPS para España. IOPS son las siglas de la Organización Internacional para una Sociedad Participativa. Existe desde solamente 5 semanas.…

Talking about IOPS and Spain with Oliver

A chat with David Marty by Oliver Luker Having been made aware of IOPS on the 31 of March, I could immediately see its tremendous potential. I had read and been fascinated by the principles of Parecon a year ago, and had attempted (with limited…

Sharing my private correspondance about Spain and IOPS.

At the request of some of my friends who believed this to be interesting, I shall now make this email public. This was part of a conversation between several folks from the Z(mag) Media Institute where we were sharing impressions about IOPS.…

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