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Presentation of IOPS in Vila-Real (Spain)

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November, 23th I gave my second talk about IOPS in Spain. The invitation came from the city council of Vila-Real (a 51.000 inhabitants city located between Valencia and Barcelona) which is currently trying to set a system for the citizens to participate in the budget of their own community. The same person from the city hall in charge of it showed he was interested in the model of society proposed by IOPS and wanted me to give a talk about Participatory Society.

In front of 20 people and a local TV, I presented Parecon and IOPS during more or less forty minutes. Most of the people seemed to be interested by the project even if I know that it will take a time before any of them join IOPS, it takes a time to understand and accept the new institutions proposed in Parecon and Parsoc Vision. Some Parecon books were sold and some persons asked for more information at the end of the talk.

The hardest part

As it use to happen, the most difficult institution to accept and understand concerns the Remuneration according to effort and sacrifice, many people have problems to understand it because, I just quote their arguments, none would want to be a doctor or to work as a scientist, or the knoledge would be left a step aside. I had arguments to reply these comments but I know it takes time before it is well understood that, in a Paresoc Society, knowledge and work are not splited, in fact, it is exactly the opposite since Paresoc brings the opportunity to everyone to participate in all the decisions in proportion they are affected by them. This means that, in a Participatory society, it is in each one interest to participate to improve life conditions and so to spread knowledge in all aspects of life.

The positive conclusions

First, this talk has shown me how important the organization of an event is. As you can see with the design of the poster they made (the one you can see in this blog), the organizers took this talk very seriously. As I mentioned before, 20 people came to the talk which is quite good if we take into account that neither IOPS nor Daniel Marty (not yet ;) ) are known in Vila-Real. They participated, bought a few books and showed they wanted more information about IOPS. So, when organizing an event, the talk as well as the organization to appropriately spread the event are paramount.

Secondly, I worked with people from different organizations. This time it was with people from the city hall and the University of Castellón. Next time, as it is foreseen in January, it will be with the anarchist Spanish union CGT. What does it mean? It means that already existing organizations are willing to hear, debate and then participate in the construction of a new society. I must say I feel excited because this is a great opportunity to make bigger our movements thanks to their support and help through the structure they already have.

As I already said when we were organizing Michael's tour in October, we should be closer to other movements, unions, organizations or platforms because, after all, our purpose as IOPS members is to be popular.

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  • Jane Johnson 9th Dec 2012

    Thanks for the report Daniel, it sounds very positive. Really well done. And the poster looks fantastic by the way :)

  • Daniel Marty 9th Dec 2012

    Thanks. I like the poster too, it's directly taken from IOPS'website.

  • stephen lawton 9th Dec 2012

    Excellent Daniel,looks like the effort you are putting in is paying off.

  • Preeti Kaur 13th Dec 2012

    Thanks for this great report Daniel! I hope the tentatively planned January event with the CGT goes ahead and look forward to hearing more about that in the new year!

  • Daniel Marty 16th Dec 2012

    Thanks for your support Preeti and Stephen, I will have some news in January and inform you.
    Now, it's time for some holidays with the family: sleep, food, laughs, beer (in moderation), wine (in moderation) and Champagne (in... Well we'll see).

    • Preeti Kaur 18th Dec 2012

      Well deserved too! Happy holidays and enjoy the amazing champagne!

  • Kim Keyser 16th Dec 2012

    I agree on being as close to the movements as we can – super important! And I too think it's important to understand that one single talk won't change a majority of people at once, but sustained effort might. Keep up the good work!

    • Preeti Kaur 18th Dec 2012

      I agree & think that it's super important for IOPS members to be participating in movements and grassroots struggles while popularising ideas around the IOPS mission and vision!