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Can multi racial people work together

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Can unity really work no matter what color








Durban – Protesters set fire to several factories, cars, and municipal infrastructure in Isithebe, northern KwaZulu-Natal, on Monday.








"They have set fire to several factories in the area and they are just burning anything they can get their hands on








Things like this affect our economy and international inverstors see all this on the news factories being burned and that puts South Africa at risk if we dont start working together and agree on what needs to be done to retore peace in our communities and order the sooner the better so when the credit rating companies come they can see order is being maintained so we can avoide junk statues. We need each other to raise South Africa so Africa can be retored. South Africa is the only country that never started war or voilence against white people after its independence or freedom thanks to the late Mr President Mandela we have seen what happened to most African countries that made war against white people after they got their independence so we need to set good example to Africa that it can be done white and black people can unite work togther stay together. Mr President Mandela was showing us something and teaching something positive when he said we must work together with white people and learn what they are teaching us because we have a lot to learn from them so we must continue to maintain peace between black and white people especially at parliament by working together giving each other enough chance to solve problem, not debating hatred of what white or black people did to each other and doing voilence acts of throughout other members like they are nothing out of parliament. South Africa need to be able to solve issues so it can move forward  

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