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Restore the life of the ex drug addict and they didnt turn to crime to feed the habit but they recycled

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Created on: 17th August 2018

How do u we restore the life of a person who use to be a drug user or they lost their job because of drug addiction and they didnt turn to crime to feed the drug habit but they did recycling, as a reseacher i have been in their shoes and situation i know what they went through but my quetion is working with social developemnt, world health organisation for rehabilitaion purpose and home land securtiy to do a background search to see or during their rehabilitaion time they didnt turn to crime to feed the bad habit how to we restore them back in the society without racisim or trabalisim in general respecting their religions belive as long as it doent harm anyone like it says in the way to happiness do not harm the person of a good will. As a reseacher i know what they go through but i learned that it depends with the person on what they wanna do to improve their life or community in a positive way

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