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Recycling bycicle to help people across cities in the world

Project Information
Created on: 14th April 2016

Yesterday i met this young man who was busy collecting cans and plastic bottles, i went over to him cared to know about him even educated him about dangers of taking drugs like i always talk to young people in my community then i start helping him to get more cans and bottles while we talked but i realized something different about him compared to other people who collect cans for recycling he didnt have a trolley or kart he only had big bags as you can see from the picture am with him to put everything so i asked him how was he going to get to rosslyn with this bag without a trolly or kart and i even asked him why cant he get one he said those people who push the trollys take them from shops and they get in trouble for that so he doesnt want any trouble with the law anymore so i helped him carry the bottles and cans we walked a long distance but i couldnt go on but the time i helped him it was painful to carry those bags and he had to walk to rosslyn which is more far i was heart broken how can another human live like this walk long way with big bags so during the night i came up with this idea i always had it but this time i said am talking it forward a recycling bycicle which it can be owned by recycling companies and stored at the company side and people who always do business with the company the recycle people can go to the side and hire it for R50 then their ID COPY and names will be on the recycling company data base thats i thought this can help more of recycling people they are human people like me and you no matter what they did some of them while they are on probetion or rehabilitaion to get back to society as better people they can still be cared for them to make their lifes easy some of them they will tell you painful stories and regreads from what they use to be not all of them use to be un caring people about life but most they know what happens when you distance your self from God you make wrong choices and you end up very bad thats what they say. If they casn be sponsers and investors to help me please contact me so i can make this project reality. Thanks  

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