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Online ACTIVE Reading Club

Project Information
Created on: 9th January 2014

Hi all, As the title tells, I 'd like to start establishing an IOPS online reading club. Anyone interested in this project can join :)

The main outlines of the project:

1- we'll suggest a book to read every 10 days. On the 11th day we'll discuss this book comprehensively.

2- the books will be fiction and non-fiction. The fiction ones will be modern literary works; the non-fiction books will be mainly political, historical, and related to business field.

3- Everyone involved in this project should be active and try to read the whole book in 10 days. It is an enough period since we have to study and work as well.

4- about the discussion day, we'll try to agree upon the most suitable couple of hours for all participants and take into consideration time difference between countries.

5- while discussing the book, Everyone should accept " the other's" point of view. And no body is allowed to use vulgar language. If you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to say it :)

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