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Occupy Theory Explorations

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Created on: 30th May 2012

The Occupy Theory PDF

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The area below displays topic headings each chapter of Occupy Vision. Each new week will bring new headings for the next chapter. 


Each week, one of the topic areas is for queries to the authors of the book. Ask anything you want - where the ideas that week came from, anything about their meaning, how they relate to other ideas, or whatever. Please try to be succinct and to not go too far afield. This one topic area is meant only for authors to answer. 


The other topic areas each week are pegged to major headings in that week's chapter. In each, discuss whatever you like. Post queries, comments, addendums, explorations, whatever. And anyone reply...again, as you like. 


PLEASE DO NOT ADD TOPICS. Doing so will only create a gigantic mass of undifferentiated content. To avoid that, WE WILL REMOVE ADDED TOPICS.


As the weeks pass, it is fine to post in prior areas rather than only the current one. 



The Occupy Theory PDF



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