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Occupy Strategy Explorations

Project Information
Created on: 30th May 2012

This project will be like the Occupy Theory and Occupy Vision projects - but in this case bearing on the third volume of Fanfare for the Future, Occupy Strategy.

As that book is still in process, and as this will be a more difficult and wide ranging project - depending greatly on and presuming a background of shared theory and vision attainable from the other two books and associated projects -  it will not begin until the other two projects have read through their respective books. However, if folks want to sign up early, no harm done.


In essence, as the Occupy Theory and Occupy Vision projects will provide a vehicle for sustained exploration of concepts and vision relevant to IOPS, the Occupy Strategy project will do the same for conceiving and exploring IOPS strategy and program. 


Until the Project begins - can we please
leave this page as is - no forum topics or posts, etc. 

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