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North of Watford Development Group

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Created on: 28th October 2012

What is the North of Watford Development Group (NWDG)?

The NWDG is a group for people in the North of England to get together and share ideas for and experiences of recruiting new members and the formation of local chapters.

Who is the NWDG?

The NWDG started as 7 members of IOPS from across the north of England discussing possible recruitment ideas to expand their groups and become more active both internally and in their local communities. It was felt that due to the limited numbers of members in the North of England, and there relative geographical seperation from each other, that a group was needed to help foster solidarity and expand the IOPS membership.

Why the North of Watford?

The name North of Watford was chosen for 2 reasons; firstly as a satire of the commonly held belief that people from the south, and in particular London, believe nothing exists north of Watford, and secondly because it is as good a definition as any as to what constitutes "the North".

Can I join NWDG?

The group is obviously aimed at people from the North of England, as we hope that people will get together in various cities and towns across the north. But people south of Watford, or the rest of the world, feel free to join and offer your own experiences and ask for help so that together we can help IOPS to grow and grow.

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