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Completed: Michael Albert North American IOPS Speaking Tour

Project Information
Created on: 25th August 2012

11/19/12 Notice of Tour Restructuring

Dear Project Members, Proposed Host Chapter point persons, local project members and others aiding in the effort.


First, thank you for all efforts, successful and otherwise, to organize.


Second, the tour planned for Feb/Mar 2013 is canceled, and the "tour" restructured. Michael Albert blew his wad in Europe, and his health and well-being will simply not permit another extended (meaning multi-chapter) tour. BUT, the offer to speak about IOPS still stands. If your chapter is interested in hosting Michael Albert, all you have to do is work with Speak Out and your local academic or other institutions to make that happen, on the dates and with programs you organize.


As there is no longer a need for coordination between chapters, the MA NA Tour Project is completed.


You may have questions. Please post them in the project forum under the topic created for that purpose. Those who are not members of the project who have questions, please send them to me in a message and I will post your question(s) for you.

Sarah Owens

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