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Lets work together to do something about climate change lets save the world

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Created on: 10th May 2016

We need to do something About all this too much coal mining, even people in the villages knows what happens when we sleep with that coal heater in the house it kills everyone they go to deep sleep so imagine all this too much coal mining how it affects our eco system and ozone layer we need to control how we do our coal mining the are expects from USA who can help us on how to do save coal mining safely at the rate that we dont hurt our planet and we can started having same electric car as well to slow down all this many cars some are not roadworthy, South Africa needs the best public transport trains and bus system to cut down on all this cars with smokes, coal mining its bad we have what is called mbhaola in South Africa its a coal heater if you sleep with it in the house while its still on everyone dies its produce dengerous gas that put everyone to sleep imagine that in a bigger vision like mining what it does to our planet or earth or enviroment its killing us and hurting our nature we need to cut down on all this coal mining and slow down to save this World for our kids

After my climate change course now i have better understanding why we had this fish floating everywhere in Cape Town dead without any explanation, In South Africa we need to take Climate change seriously because its affecting us we need to learn more about it even teach kids at school On the 2016-03-08 08:42 Cape Town - The City of Cape Town says it will remove the last five tons of dead carp from Zeekoevlei on Tuesday, after approximately 20 tons of dead fish appeared floating on the vlei’s surface last week.

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