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Irie Zen
13th Oct 2018


Frontier Psychiatrist

Is Monkey ill today, Mr Monkey? | Monkey's in school. | I'm afraid he's not, Miss Monkey. | Monkey's truancy problem is way out of hand; The Bat Country board decided to expel him from the entire system. | Oh Mr Monkey, I'm as upset as you to learn of his truancy; but surely, expulsion is not the answer! | I'm afraid expulsion is the only answer; It's the opinion of the entire staff that Monkey is criminally insane; That boy needs therapy; purely psychosomatic!

Lie down on the couch! You're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut! | What does that mean? I'm gonna kill you? | Play the kazoo; let's have it tune. On the count of three. | He was white as a sheet and he also made false teeth. | Avalanches above, business continues below. | Did I ever tell you the story about Cowboys? Bit, bit, bitches and the indians and, Fron, Frontier Psychiatrist? | I felt strangely hypnotised.

I was in another world, a world of numbers and code; And roses! Black pyramids; to an optometrist; the man with the bicycle. | And tighten your buttocks; pour juice on your chin. | I promise my girlfriend I'd.. the violins. | Can you think of anything else that talks; other than a person? | A bird? Yeah! Sometimes a parrot talks. | Yes, some birds are funny when they talk. | Can you think of anything else? | A record?

by I. Z. Nessuno-Raskolnikov and The Avalanches