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Radicafe and Bookstore

Project Information
Created on: 3rd April 2019


The idea of Radicafé and Bookstore came to me after realizing that cafés these days have gone from being places of mindful relaxation, socialization, and learning, to a rush in and out the door.

I thought, I want to do something that helps people and reinvents the café, so I decided I'll start a worker cooperative where all of the workers will own and have equal say in what happens in the café, and all of our profits will be given to nonprofit organizations and socialist organizations for bringing people out of poverty. Everything we sell would be fair trade, and we'd supply leaflets giving information about the nonprofits we donate to. We'd also be a sustainable/green business so all funders and customers can know they're making a difference.

I figured this would take time, to save, fund, and figure out the logistics, so I'm planning on opening Radicafé and Bookstore towards the end of 2020.

The support of all of you reading and who want to be a part of this mission would mean the world to me. I would be ecstatic to do something so good for the world, and hopefully it would encourage more people to do the same. 

I'd be so grateful to receive support in this mission, thank you.

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