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Ecological Action, Reconstruction & Theory Hub

Project Information
Created on: 8th May 2012

The interim IOPS Vision seeks the facilitating of the 'ecologically sound reconstruction of society'. E.A.R.T.H. is  an international affinity group, open discussion forum and resource library focussed on this key question and all matters ecological from a radical, anti-capitalist and libertarian perspective.

Depending on members' interests, E.A.R.T.H. could evolve into a central hub containing interest/activity nodes. Some of these might be:

Occupy and eco action against unemployment, poverty, homelessness, rising energy costs

urban food production, occupying derelict sites, permaculture, guerilla gardening

climate chaos and climate justice

reducing eco footprints of wealthy and eco (redistributive) justice

anti-fossil fuels and anti-nuclear struggles

sustainable agriculture and food security

decentralisation and empowered community-building

Peak Oil, energy descent and local Transition initiatives

community-owned and -managed renewable energy cooperatives

reskilling for sustainable livelihoods, free schools and universities

eco technologies and worker cooperatives

bioregionalism and renaturalising watersheds and cities

supporting radical peasant and indigenous eco movements

theory of social ecology and Parecon

eco tradition of anarchism (Kropotkin, Goodman, Ward, Bookchin)

exploring eco-feminism and eco-spirituality


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