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Deciding the Future of IOPS (completed)

Project Information
Created on: 24th March 2016

The purpose of this project is to prepare for a poll or polls among the overall membership for deciding on the future of IOPS. It is open to any member who is interested in helping out with this.

As anyone can see, not much has been going on on the IOPS website lately. That is also true for most of the IOPS chapters. In the meantime, the money we have for keeping the website up is steadily getting depleted. Staying the current course does not make sense. Either we should decide to disband IOPS and donate the remaining money to a worthy cause, or we should change something about the way IOPS operates at the international level.

Who should make that decision? The ICC has not been functional from the start and most of its members do not appear to have a commitment towards IOPS. One of the decisions of the poll on the future of IOPS held from 23 June to 23 July 2014 was that “operating chapters should take initiative in coming events” so that the “responsibility and initiative should move to chapters and overall membership”. There are hardly any operating chapters left, and they have not shown signs of responsibility and initiative for IOPS at the international level. Therefore, such a decision can only be legitimately taken by the overall membership. We can use an organization-wide poll for that. But what are the appropriate questions to ask?

If we, the members, decide not to disband, it should be clear what the alternative is going to be. Just going on the same way as before does not make sense.

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