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Creating New IOPS Forums

Project Information
Created on: 8th February 2014

I feel like the forums here aren't very good or conducive to much conversation, they're not very attractive and they're hard to find. These things all together I think may stifle potential members who want to join and discuss organizing.

I am proposing a team to help create a new forums, separate from the iopsociety.org website. Ideally, the forum would be open source, but anything can happen in discussion.

My initial thoughts:

* - This can be done pretty quickly and efficiently, with a low cost. Server space these days is ridiculously cheap, so maybe some sort of communal fund can be set up to help defray the server costs.

* - Aside from that, phpBB is a very good, free, open-source forum software. vBulletin is also good, but requires a license and I don't know what the license costs.

* - I don't want to take focus off of iopsociety.org, so where we can, we should link back to the main website and encourage use of the regional forums (or just create regional forums on the new forums, but that can get unwieldy), so this should probably taken as a project for the international part of it. 

* - In the periphery, we should think about the design of the forums. Logo, organization, etc.

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