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Content Curator Team

Project Information
Created on: 2nd January 2017

This project was created to discuss activities surrounding the team of content curators. Any interested member is welcome to join the project and participate in discussions and other activities carried out by the team.

Below you'll find a rough description of the tasks of the team, taken from the call for candidates. This is just to get things started, it's up to the project members to interpret the role of the team more fully and create actionable tasks.

Task description

The task of the content curators is to ensure that the website is a place where members and sympathizers can find material that is interesting and relevant. More concretely, the team's primary task is twofold, as outlined in the proposal for the team:

  • To ensure that the website's home page gives an appropriately playful and lively impression and is regularly updated with fresh content.
  • To start building up a repository of relevant content on various topics and issues.

Obviously, the team can only be successful if members participate in this task by bringing in material, but it should stimulate this and actively solicit contributions.

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