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Alex of...
29th Dec 2018



 point break 


regarding previous IOPSian thought trots on open-source CMS (content management system) as an alternative:

a general path might be to make some basic changes to the site to up our productive ability and creative needs, while also developing a set of blueprints toward a future site.

some extensive feature lists have been previously outlined. either, that would be built from scratch (or on top of the code here) or an existing CMS provides some of the basic building blocks.

building from scratch could mean you get exactly what you want. but that likely requires either a very serious dedicated team of volunteer coders, or a massive checkbook.

an open-source CMS comes with the benefit of pre-built functionality and extensions, with an existing community of contributors and maintainers.

since an existing CMS already has a basic framework, it is also necessary to consider how your wishlist can integrate into that existing structure, and what existing extensions fit best with your desires.

it is of course possible to create your own extensions where they do not currently exist. many existing extensions may be quite close to your needs, but also require additional extensions to make them better suit the desired outcomes.

this also requires volunteers and/or some moola, but likely less than building from scratch.